One of the largest Data Centers  in Western Japan

Why choose us?

There are at least 4 reasons why people choose NTT SmartConnect


Direct Interconnection to major IX and ISPs in Japan.

The best advantage in Dojima(Osaka) is the 2nd largest Interconnection point in Japan which realizes direct peering to multiple major ISPs, CSPs, and Carriers based on highest-class level of Facility and highest-speed/capacity internet backbone(AS7671).


Support developing business for more than 10,000 clients with our fulfilling service lineup

Develop client’s business by coordinating a wide range of service lineups according to client's needs and scale in three business fields of data center, cloud hosting and streaming. Besides, our alliance partners inside/outside of Japan add more value on our service and your business.


Our reliable and considerate support closer to your business from consultation to operation monitoring on 24/7.

Respond promptly to any troubles by experienced professional staff at data center operation monitoring 24/7.
And provide call center service for each service with dedicated staff support one-on-one from consultation and operation.


Challenge and Achievement of leading Japanese Internet and content delivery service since the dawn of the Internet.

Since the establishment of the company in 2000, we have been leading Japanese internet and content delivery service by challenging to build large scale of platform for simulcast radio, sports live broadcast and digital cinema through NGN(Next Generation Network).

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