NTT Smart Connect’s Data Center in Dojima

Our Data Center realizes top class facilities and a fulfilling support system, and provides high reliability colocation services.

High earthquake resistance

Building is constructed to withstand earthquakes measuring up to 7 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale

Stable power supply and facility

Owns electric utility grid redundancy, uninterruptible power supply and private electric generator

Fire protection

Nitrogen gas which does not affect equipment is adopted as fire extinguishing equipment in case of emergency fire

Environmental monitoring system

Electric Current value and temperature change are be monitored in real time.
Adequate and efficient air conditioning control are also realized.

High security

A multifaceted combination of IC cards, biometrics and other authentication methods
All doors are designed to prevent unauthorized entrance

Stable Operational support

Specialized staffs・24/7 support・Remote hand

Flood disaster measure

In the flood hazard map published on the Osaka city homepage, it is located in an area not affected.

The first floor of the building is 5.1 meters higher than the lowest tide level in Osaka bay.Water supply type sandbags are deployed.

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