NTT Smart Connect

Cloud Business

We provide cloud services to meet a host of needs, from virtual platforms through to SaaS.

1 Diverse Service Range We offer an extensive menu of services to address the various problems that clients face.

In addition to remote access, web conferencing and other virtual platforms that enable a high degree of operational flexibility, we offer rental servers that span a wide range of needs(from novices to e-commerce providers)as well as online storage and various industry-specific applications as SaaS services. This extensive lineup enables us to tailor optimal cloud solutions to meet the specific needs of diverse clients.
Comprehensive services Storage Rental servers Custom platforms Managed dedicated servers Virtual platforms
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2 High Reliability Our reliable proprietary data center protects important systems from widespread disasters and trespassers.

Nowadays, cloud computing is becoming considered a new type of business infrastructure. However, many customers are uncomfortable about leaving disaster prevention and information security measures entirely up to cloud service providers. With NTT SMARTCONNECT’s cloud services, however, customers can rest assured. We use our own data center with numerous highly sophisticated facilities to protect systems from widespread disaster, large-scale power outages and trespassers, and to support business continuity on the part of our customers.
Proprietary data center
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3 Full Support We ensure peace of mind through painstaking introductory consulting and a dedicated call center.

Given the diversity of services that are available and the fact that cloud computing continues to evolve, oftentimes customers find it difficult to judge exactly what sort of services are best suited for them. NTT SMARTCONNECT has in place an expert consulting system to help individual customers address such questions. We have also set up a dedicated desk to respond courteously to even the smallest customer inquiries about cloud system introduction and operation.
Reassuring support structure Consulting by specialized staff
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