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Supporting Customers’ Businesses through NTT Group Technologies and an IX-Direct IP Backbone

1 Facilities Our data center, one of Western Japan’s largest, is an ultrahigh-end seismically protected facility that uses an NTT building.

Situated in the Center of Osaka, our data center is robustly designed to withstand an earthquake measuring around 7 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale. Replete with highly sophisticated equipment, the facility also employs double flooring to achieve high air conditioning efficiency, uninterruptible power supply, a gas turbine driven private electric generator and gas fire control equipment. We also protect client equipment with sophisticated security systems employing the latest technologies. In addition to requiring in-person authentication at our reception desk, double entry authorization requires both IC card and biometric authentication, and doors are designed to prevent unauthorized entrance.
Robust seismically protected design Uninterruptible power supply Gas turbine driven private electric generator Gas fire control equipment High air conditioning efficiency
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2 Connectivity An ultrahigh-speed IX-Direct IP backbone leverages our location in Osaka’s Dojima district to achieve high-quality transmission.

We provide an optimal transmission environment comprising IX connections to two Internet exchanges in Western Japan(JPNAP Osaka and NSPIXP-3 [Osaka])as well as direct gigabit-class connections and direct peering with multiple leading ISPs. Diverse network connectivity is also possible; we provide FLET’S service, closed-area networks via dedicated lines and the SINET4 scientific information network.
An early adopter of IPv6, we leverage our track record in promoting initiatives to support this protocol to ensure that our customers can smoothly transition to IPv6 Internet connectivity.
Direct connections to leading ISPs Gigabit-leve4l IX connection Diverse network connectivity  IPv6 responsive
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3 Support Specialized technical staff are on hand to respond swiftly to client concerns.

We monitor the operating and connection status of client equipment and systems around the clock, 365 days a year. We also employ full-time technical staff to field telephone inquiries, responding promptly and courteously to even minor operational questions and issues.
full-time monitoring  Prompt 24/7 year-round response
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4 Environmental Response A state-of-the-art monitoring system ensures an optimal server equipment housing environment.

We have introduced an environmental operating system for the real-time monitoring of electric current values and temperatures. Our appropriate and highly efficient air conditioning control enables the early detection and alleviation of heat buildups. Furthermore, managing server equipment collectively at our data center allows us to lower the facility costs borne by customers, facilitating reduced-cost operations.
Appropriate and optimally efficient air conditioning control Reduced facility costs
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