Streaming Business

We support client video transmission with an ultrahigh-quality
transmission environment and an extensive track record.

Extensive Track RecordWe have earned the trust of clients in a diverse range of fields by applying technologies cultivated.

NTT SMARTCONNECT has been involved in a host of initiatives involving video transmission, including the live relay of high school baseball games, and we have accumulated numerous technologies and a wealth of expertise involving the configuration and operation of streaming systems. Today, we enjoy a strong reputation for the stable and high-quality transmission services we provide to customers in a wide array of sectors: broadcasters, publishers and news organizations, as well as general manufacturers and educational organizations. We have also built up an enviable track record in the transmission of large-scale events, such as concerts, sports tournaments and international conferences.

Stable TransmissionWe ensure transmission stability through entirely redundant systems and 24/7 year-round, full-time monitoring.

A stable transmission platform is vital to the provision of large-volume on-demand content and high-volume live transmission. NTT SMARTCONNECT transmission systems minimize downtime, creating a complete dual (back-up) system with the storage network. In addition to the physical back-up of the transmission server, the system is constructed to provide prompt fail over for each host. Moreover, in addition to the high-quality transmission offered by a super high speed IP backbone directly connected to an IX, stable transmission is achieved through optimized circuitry that minimizes overconcentration when sudden traffic occurs. Our specialists monitor the system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, enabling rapid response should trouble arise.

Superb Cost PerformanceHigh reliability and reasonable pricing enables us to offer services featuring excellent cost performance.

We have established graduated pricing plans that vary according to communication volume and line speed so that customers can select the solutions that best match their usage requirements. For clients concerned about cost, we can estimate the length and image-quality of the content to be transmitted as well as the anticipated access volume, etc., and propose services that are optimized for each individual case.

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